Valley of Peace Endowment and Memorial Trust

Astonishing isn’t it? $260,000 is the current par value of the investments in the Valley of Peace Endowment and Memorial Trust. These bonds were made possible by generous gifts over the years. The income from these investments provides the congregation with funds for unbudgeted items. Increasingly congregations are creating this type of financial arrangement, so that they can carry out ministries that are important to the congregation. We were fortunate to have had founding members with foresight to set up this extraordinary investment.

It is our job as Endowment and Trust Committee members to educate the congregation about its purpose and opportunities for expanding the capitol so that the congregation will always have a source for new ministries. Some ways you can do your part to ensure its success would be:

  1. Respond to the times when God provides us with unexpected resources, such as receiving a major gift, a raise in salary, a tax rebate, or inheritance. Whatever the case, consider giving a portion to the trust,
  2. When a love one dies give a living memorial in their name to the trust so it can continue ministry in their name.
  3.  Give an endowment to the trust for our Youth or Music ministry.  Each year the trust gives grants to special projects extra money available to these ministries of the church.
  4. Consider the trust in your estate plan. At some periods in your life, providing for family was your biggest concern. However, as children move on to a stable life on their own, think of the trust as part of your estate plan. While many have not been able to contribute as much support to the congregation while we are alive, in death we can give a legacy with a major gift to the church in thanksgiving for  the blessing God has given to us. The Valley of Peace Endowment and Memorial Trust is the perfect vehicle for creating your legacy. Your contribution could be earmarked to fund mission support, music, a scholarship, the accessibility fund, building maintenance or remodeling, or any number of things. Your legacy will live on through the Valley of Peace Endowment and Memorial Trust.

As the leaflet on the pew says, “Pass on a legacy of Christian fellowship that will last for years to come.”

For more information, please call the church office at (763)588-4611 or e-mail the church office at regarding the Valley of Peace Endowment and Memorial Trust.

Valley of Peace Endowment and Memorial Trust trustees are:

Chairperson: Robert Hoyt ;Treasurer: Mary Hovden; Secretary:  Annette Balkenende; Communications: Jon Larson; Investments: Bob Gullick; Grants: Christy Flikke; Pastor Ashley Osborn

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