Healing Services

We offer a Service of Prayer for Healing the second Sunday of each month at 6 pm. (We are on a break for now) This is a safe, quiet, contemplative gathering in our worship space that provides an opportunity to experience the presence of God through confidential community, prayer and music. While our focus is on healing the mind, body and spirit, many come to the service in order to simply rest from busy-ness or noise.

Healing Service
Healing Service

The Longest Night Service is offered during Advent (the pre-Christmas season) on or near the 21st of December, the longest night of a year. Sometimes called a Blue Christmas service in other communities, this gathering is for those seeking something other than the manufactured “happiness” of the “holidays.” It is especially comforting to those in grief, illness or loss but is also treasured by those seeking a deeper experience of preparation for the coming of the Christ Child.

Healing Service


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