What is Evangelism, Anyway?

Evangelism can be a scary word for some. It conjures up images of people on street corners belting out words of salvation while handing out pamphlets.

Evangelism actually means sharing the Good News.

For the Valley of Peace congregation evangelism is making a connection with others in a way that is loving, respectful and inclusive, so the love of Christ may be known.

Mission Statement

Evangelism is sharing the Gospel of Christ, making Him known, through a ministry focused on:

  • community outreach;
  • fostering a welcoming and hospitable environment;
  • assisting the Valley of Peace congregation in its desire to grow; and
  • strengthening the Body of Christ.

Some evangelism projects include:

  • publicity;
  • new member materials, installation and integration;
  • visitor correspondence;
  • coordinating the Potluck during Vacation Bible School
  • coordinating the mentoring/partnership program with new members;
  • St. Patrick’s Day pancake breakfast;

Welcome Center

Take a look at the new assortment of ‘Care Notes’ in a rack at the Welcome Center, which is located inside the front doors of the church. There may be topics discussed that would be helpful to you. Help yourself!

As you can see, evangelism offers a range of opportunities for involvement. You can participate in any part of these efforts by contacting the church office or committee chair.

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